PACTISOUD offers a wide range of conveyors to meet your specific needs. With our standardized, modular, and scalable solutions, we provide flexible options to optimize your production process.

Our conveyors are designed to adapt to your individual requirements. We offer different types of belts, such as PU, modular, and gravity rollers, to meet your specific product handling needs.

The integrated guides on our conveyors allow for easy handling of pots, glasses, boxes, cartons, and other types of products. We also establish actuators and connections between machines to ensure smooth and efficient coordination of your production line.

Our solutions also include overhead conveyors and suspended structures to maximize the available space in your facility. Whether you need conveyors with specific functions or an assortment of different options, we have the solution that fits your needs.

At PACTISOUD, we are committed to meeting agreed-upon deadlines to effectively and promptly address your requests. Additionally, our after-sales service is here to support you, with spare parts in stock to minimize unexpected downtimes.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and benefit from our expertise in finding the best solution for your business.