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Curved conveyors

Curved conveyors play a crucial role in production lines, enabling smooth and efficient transportation of packaged products.

Curved conveyors are designed to meet the specific needs of industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many more. They provide a versatile solution for smoothly transferring packaged products around bends while maintaining their integrity and safety.

The design of the conveyors is optimized for maintenance tasks (preventive maintenance, mechanical disassembly by subassembly). The specific product-adapted design allows PACTISOUD to offer ergonomic solutions based on the line layout. PACTISOUD adapts to constraints.

One of the key advantages of PACTISOUD’s curved conveyors lies in their modular design and flexibility. They can be customized to fit different radius bends, angles, and specific configurations of your production line. Whether you need a 90-degree curved conveyor or a tighter radius, PACTISOUD can provide tailor-made solutions to meet your unique requirements.

The construction quality of PACTISOUD’s curved conveyors is also a key factor in their performance. Made from durable materials such as stainless steel, these conveyors offer exceptional strength and a long lifespan. Additionally, PACTISOUD’s curved conveyors are designed to facilitate maintenance and cleaning, contributing to maintaining a hygienic production environment.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our curved conveyors for packaged products. Our team of experts will be happy to provide personalized advice and assist you in choosing the solution that best fits your needs. At PACTISOUD, we are committed to providing you with high-quality conveying equipment to optimize your production line.