The mastery of CAD software and 3D visualization allows us to present projects concretely and engage with user teams. This visualization serves as a source of technical solutions used for our customer partners, designers, engineering firms, and design offices.

Workstation optimization is at the heart of our studies. We incorporate CARSAT recommendations and ergonomic guidelines into our designs. This includes systems for leveling, height-adjustable work surfaces to accommodate operators of different sizes, removable trays, and sit-stand workstations.

We integrate computer, weighing, and labeling stations, as well as the integration of bin or pallet leveling systems.

We constantly adapt to the environment, the available space, and the production rates of your lines.

Hygiene is a major concern at PACTISOUD. That’s why all our installations are easily washable—a crucial advantage in the food industry where hygiene and cleanliness are non-negotiable requirements. Our designs allow for efficient and quick cleaning, contributing to the food safety of your production.

We constantly adapt to your needs and market changes. Our flexibility enables us to respond quickly to your requests and offer innovative solutions, improving the efficiency and comfort of your workstations.