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Expert in the bakery and viennoiserie industry. Solutions for slicing, bagging, and clipping

For 50 years, SERMATEC has been integrating slicers baggers clip machines and designing complete lines for slicing and bagging, for low or high throughput, with various traditional or robotic feeding systems.

SERMATEC slicers are configurable for different product recipes and allow crust removal on 4 sides of sandwich bread, or partial or total slicing of buns or baguettes, or cutting slices of bread and brioche.

SERMATEC bagging and clipping machines are adaptable to different speeds and allow for the individual packaging or grouping of bakery and pastry products.

SERMATEC bagging and clipping machines integrate perfectly into the existing process and can be fed by manual or automated solutions depending on customer needs.

SERMATEC bagging and clipping machines allow working with preformed plastic or paper bags, and different types of closures are offered, by welding, or by traditional or all-plastic clip.

Les ensacheuses clipseuses SERMATEC s’intègrent parfaitement dans le process existant et peuvent être alimentés par des solutions manuelles ou automatisées en fonction des besoins des clients.

Les ensacheuses clipseuses SERMATEC permettent de travailler à partir de sachets préformés plastique ou papier, et différents types de fermeture sont proposées, par soudure, ou par clip traditionnel ou tout plastique.