Pactisoud, your trusted partner in engineering solutions and functional expertise, is here to meet all your needs in terms of cleanability, safety, and hygiene. With our tailor-made expertise, we are committed to providing you with equipment adapted to your specific requirements.

In our cleanroom, we implement continuous welding techniques to ensure strong and durable joints. Safety being our priority, we adhere to EHEDG standards in the food industry to ensure production processes that comply with the highest quality standards.

Our solutions incorporate washing ramps and water retention devices, thus ensuring optimal hygiene in your production environment. Our equipment is designed to provide easy access to all parts, facilitating cleaning and ensuring high hygiene standards. Additionally, our machine partners are carefully selected to ensure seamless integration with our solutions.

Regardless of your industry, whether you work with meat products, fish, or other types of commodities, we can provide you with equipment tailored to your specific needs. Our functional expertise allows us to provide informed advice and customized solutions, taking into account the constraints specific to your industry.

At Pactisoud, we are proactive. We understand the importance of water economy in cleaning processes, which is why our solutions incorporate efficient methods to minimize water consumption while maintaining optimal hygiene standards. We are committed to finding innovative ways to reduce your environmental footprint without compromising the quality of your production.

Trust Pactisoud for all your cleanability, safety, and hygiene needs. Contact us today to discover how we can help optimize your production processes and achieve the highest levels of performance.