Machine tooling

Need a new format ?

A technical team supports you from A to Z in the realization of your new packaging.

With a historical expertise in the design and production of tooling, Emballage Technologies Group will meet your application needs.

  • Creation and development of your packaging
  • Prototyping
  • Optimized designs for quick and agile format changes
  • 3D printing for part manufacturing
  • Tool adaptation for multi-brand machines

Primary packaging tooling

Outillages-SERMATEC- emballage primaire

For your primary packaging, a range of formers is available for plastic and paper films, specifically designed for horizontal bagging machines. We also offer neck formers and swan necks for vertical bagging machines.

Secondary packaging tooling

For your secondary packaging, we offer piston tools, volume setting tools, and box assembly tools (punches, dies, magazine, etc.).