American box closer ETCA CS300



• The case will be taken over between the two sidebelts and transit the case through the machine

• The belts have a special profile, which keep the case under control during the transit of the case

• The front flap will first be pre-folded by the short flap folder mechanism before it will be closed. As soon as the back side of the case is located by a photo cell the back flap will be closed

• The flapfolders will fold the long flaps during transport

• Then the case will be sealed on top with tape, the closed case will be transported out of the machine

• The side adjustements from the sidebelts and the height adjustement can be done with hand-wheels

• The adjustements from both flap folders can be changed easily with one handle, the adjustements can easily be read from measure scales

• The tape sealer standard exists of a closing unit on top with tape. In the tape sealer the side belts keep the case perfect under control during taping of the top of the case

• Options : Warning beacon detection out of tape / tape broken; In feed guides (self adjusting); Discharge free detection by photocell; Minimum closed case height of 60mm / 80mm / 100mm; In feed guides with separation module and stopper; Check flap closed correct 



• Tape check out of tape / tape broken

• Transit control; when case crashes the machine will stop (time control)

• Control minimum distance between cases 350 mm
( when cases enter the machine against each other this functionality will not operate)

• Dimensions machine : 2660 x 975 x 1800 mm

104,72” x 38,39” x 70,87”

• Pneumatic supply : 6 bars

Mini/maxi cases dimensions:

Length: 200 – 650 mm / 7,87” – 25,59”

Width: 120 – 510 mm / 4,72” – 20,08”

Height: 120 – 600 mm / 4,72” – 23,62”



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