Emballage primaire-Trancheuse-Ensacheuse-Clipseuse-DS


Automatic slicer for baguettes, hot dog and hamburger rolls

The incoming products are taken over by a top and bottom chord and cut by means of centrally driven circular knives

All guides and the upper strap are adjustable without tools

La construction de la machine et tous les revêtements sont en acier inoxydable – important for long value retention and good for easy and hygienic cleaning

• By means of different cutter arrangements, a hinge cut can be made simultaneously on all tracks, or web cuts can be made simultaneously with a reduced number of tracks



• Product dimensions:

• Width: 50 mm / 1,97”

Height: 20 – 80 mm / 0,79” – 3,15”

• Machine dimensions: 

• Length: 1.500 – 1.900 mm / 59,06” – 74,80”

• Largeur et nombre de voies : personnalisé

Height de travail : 1.000 mm / 39,37”

Personnalisation & Hygiénique

UP TO 10.000 PRODUCTS /HOUR par voie

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