Wraparound cartoner ECOWRAP® ETW100P

Emballage secondaire-Suremballeuse Ecowrap-ETW100P


• Multiformat versatile wraparound cardboard sleever dealing with flat blanks

Intermittent motion

• Partial 4-sided packs with traversing pots

• Top closure by clipping or locking

• Applications: all types of pots (plastic, cardboard, glass)

• Grouping X2-X4-X6-X8…

• Interface management with dosing machines and automatic batch feeding

• Associated peripherals: ergonomic case packing stations, washable modular conveyors, carton formers…



• High-capacity cardboard storage

• Pendular feeder

• Interchangeable tools for quick and tool-less series changes

• Loading by 2-axis manipulator

• Imprints adapted to pot diameters

• Gluing underneath the pack by hot-melt glue application system ou ensemble de vérins de clipsage

• 10″ color touchscreen

• Axis controller and brushless motors

• Stainless steel design

• Dimensions : 3350 x 1865 x 2050 mm

• Air supply: 6 bars

Solution suitable for small and medium production rates

Up to 35 packs/min

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