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Case packing

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Wrap-around case packing enables carton formation through hot-melt adhesive, either from a flat blank or using a pre-glued American case.

Encaisseuse wrap ETC 20

For 15 years, ETPACK has been designing and manufacturing case packers (ETC range) for production rates ranging from 5 to 20 cartons per minute, operating intermittently according to customer specifications.

ETPACK case packers are designed with stainless steel construction and equipped with the latest automation technologies to meet the most demanding operating conditions and specifications in the food, non-food, pharmaceutical, and para-pharmaceutical industries.

ETPACK case packers are multi-format to accommodate a wide range of pre-packaged products, dry or frozen, in batch or individually.

ETPACK case packers seamlessly integrate into existing processes and can be supplied with manual or automated solutions depending on customer requirements, with these solutions also designed and manufactured by ETPACK (see ETA range).

ETPACK case packers allow for quick format changes through easy adjustments and ergonomic accessibility. They are capable of handling cartons of various qualities.